DESIGN- Student Sustainable Garden

This project was created with an educational purpose to show students and people interested in gardening how to cultivate a wide variety of vegetables while maintaining beneficial relationships between plants. The Student Sustainable Garden (SSG) is located on CSU Campus and is a ten year old project managed and run by students. The garden is managed by Lea Pace and Robyn Goldenstein. This year the SSG partnered with the Student Sustainability Center (SSC) and SoGES to create a new system of planting based on Agro-Ecological Principles. The new plot was designed by Patricia Izquierdo and Josh Alley with guidance from the work of Gaspar Caballero.

Tear Down This Wall – Redefining “Sustainable Ventures”

Warning: When dealing with legacy business thinkers, use the term “sustainable” at your peril. Those of us interested in social and environmental outcomes of our ventures are often regarded as operating in a cute, special little world where the normal business rules don’t apply. And by “normal” we mean here the quaint idea that a business has to be profitable and capable of scale.

Climate and war

I’m working on a paper evaluating climate and temporal trends on feed supply for livestock production. One of my co-authors suggested including a thought on climate-induced instability and conflict as an important factor affecting rangeland feed utilization. So, I have finally taken a look at this recent literature and see there is a heated debate being conducted on the issue of Climate and war.

Nitrogen and grain production in Malawi

Snapp et al. have an interesting article in today’s issue of PNAS: Snapp SS, Blackie MJ, Gilbert RA, Bezner-Kerr R, Kanyama-Phiri GY (2010) Biodiversity can support a greener revolution in Africa (107, 20840-20845). They find that diverse crop rotations that include legumes (either in rotation or inter-cropping) can enhance the net production benefits of fertilizer – increasing production and fertilizer use efficiency using technologies preferred by Malawian producers. (BTW, Africa is much bigger than Malawi).


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Climbers & Bats GCRT

This research team creates a working group of rock climbing interest groups, CSU biologists and human dimension specialists, and CSU students to strategically collect information on bat roost locations and share bat conservation information with the climbing community. View details of their GCRT here and their blog entry here.

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