Beginning-May 11

After the initial plan for our garden plots we investigated the condition of the existing soil. The soil was found to have a very high clay content and in need of organic matter to improve soil fertility. The soil was turned 18" deep with a mole bore plow, which essentially flips the soil. Next we measured and marked out both the beds and the paths between them in order to only add compost in the areas for planting. The beds measure 5' x 20' making each bed 100 square feet - the three beds give us 300 square feet of total planting space.

Planet Under Pressure. New Knowledge Towards Solutions: Dispatch from Colorado

Among the goals of the international conference, Planet under Pressure one was to provide scientific leadership for the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development – Rio +20. During the conference’s four days of sessions, there were many examples of successful solutions from the local level to the national to move towards a sustainable future.

Part 1: Discovering Resilience Adaptation through Aldo Leopold: Lessons for Colorado’s Front Range Urban Corridor

After last week’s presentation by Mike Jones, Stockholm Resilience Centre, on what Aldo Leopold can teach us about resilience science, I started wondering how we could apply these lessons to our own region.


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This research team creates a working group of rock climbing interest groups, CSU biologists and human dimension specialists, and CSU students to strategically collect information on bat roost locations and share bat conservation information with the climbing community. View details of their GCRT here and their blog entry here.

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