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DESIGN- Student Sustainable Garden

Companion planting – So happy together!

This project was created with an educational purpose to show students and people interested in gardening how to cultivate a wide variety of vegetables while maintaining beneficial relationships between plants. The Student Sustainable Garden (SSG) is located on CSU Campus and is a ten year old project managed and run by students. The garden is managed by Lea Pace and Robyn Goldenstein. This year the SSG partnered with the Student Sustainability Center (SSC) and SoGES to create a new system of planting based on Agro-Ecological Principles. The new plot was designed by Patricia Izquierdo and Josh Alley with guidance from the work of Gaspar Caballero.

Gaspar Caballero’s method called Parades en Crestall incorporates many advantages over more commonly used designs. Essentially sunken beds are created and maintained at ground level. This method provides increased water holding capacity (decreasing evaporative loss often associated with furrows), increased productivity per square foot, and decreased labor (as compared with raised bed designs).


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Wild Ones

Headed up by former CSU Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory student, Brook Osborne, Wild Ones is an education project designed to connect elementary students with environmental science and promote critical thinking from wild perspectives – starting with the 2, 663-mile Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). Brooke and her partner, Gavin, will be sharing their journey with us and providing great resources for K-12 educational engagement.

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